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types of turbines

Types of turbines serviced by company specialists:

  • PT-12-90, PT-25-90, PT-30-90, PT-60-130, PT-65 / 75-130, PT-80-130, PT-80 / 100-130, PT-135 / 165-130
  • P-1.2-13, P-25-90
  • T-40-90, T-50-130, T-75-130, T-100-130, T-110-130, T-125 / 150-7.4, T-250-240
  • K-200-130, K-210-130, K-300-240, K-325-240
  • PR-25-90, PR-50-130
  • R-6-35, R-12-35, R-12-90, R-18-90, R-16-90, R-25-90, R-50-130
  • AK-6-35, AT-6-35, AP-6, VPT-25-90, VPT-50-90

We carry out adjustment and maintenance of ATS of steam turbines manufactured by UTMZ, LMZ, KTZ, Nevsky Zavod, as well as turbines of foreign production Siemens, General Motors.

Steam turbines type PT LMZ

Steam turbines type PT UTMZ

Steam turbines type T-100-130 UTMZ

Heat-generating turbine T-250 / 300-240 of power unit No. 9 of TPP-22 PAO

Steam turbine R-6-35 / 5M

Steam turbine R-12-35 / 5M

Steam turbine PR-25-90 / 10 / 0.9 with a turbogenerator TVS-30

SAR Turbo-Naladka LLC.

Commissioning of ACS steam turbines
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Types of turbines
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